Blind Repairs

Do you need your blinds fixed? We can repair and restore most blinds. We have parts available from leading manufacturers to repair your blinds.
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Our blind repair centre is well stocked with parts to repair and restore your blinds. We also have access to many major blind manufacturers to help source parts to complete most repairs.

Repairs and parts available for purchase include, but are not limited to:

  • Venetians: brackets, cordlocks, tiltas, wands, acorns, records
  • Verticals: travellers, chains, weights, hangers, cord tensioners
  • Timbers: brackets, cordlocks, tiltas, acorns, records
  • Beyond woods: brackets, cordlocks, tiltas, acorns, records
  • Rollers: brackets, clutch, side chain
  • Duettes: brackets, cordlocks, records
  • Silhouettes: brackets

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Major Repairs

If you have Verosole blinds that we cannot fix for you. We are happy to take them down and package them up for you and send your blinds away to be repaired by these Manufacturers. Once it arrives back we will come and install it for you.

We are well stocked and ready to help restore your blinds today!

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