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At  Wilsons Blinds we strive to meet all your blind cleaning and maintenance needs, so you don’t have to rush around trying to deal with different service providers, and arranging access and logistics.
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Having a responsible cleaning team can provide, property and real estate managers with peace of mind, knowing that the job can be done efficiently and effectively.

For empty properties Wilsons Blinds will pickup keys from your real estate office, complete the job and return keys back to office on the same day. If premises are tenanted we will ring tenants to make suitable day & time.

Invoices are sent the next day, so as to provide a quick turnaround of information so Property managers can settle any Bond Issues etc.


For more information just ring (02) 4271 1076 or contact us.

You can rely on Wilsons Blinds to fulfil all of your cleaning needs, efficiently and cost effectively.

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